-some of them are filed-and others collectively, as is the case of 20 of those affected. In turn, other procedures do follow their course and have already begun to request tests. In fact, on May 24 the Court of Instruction number 4 has cited to declare one of the complainants.

These complaints cover the crimes of fraud, misappropriation and forgery of signatures, being in almost all cases the same ‘modus operandi’. There are affected from other provinces such as Seville, Cádiz or Badajoz and other places in Extremadura.

In fact, last February more than 50 people in Huelva formed an association called ‘Affected by Mandi Motor SL’ to denounce this alleged scam.

At that time, the president of this association and alleged victim, Juan Carlos Martín, explained to Europa Press that he bought a car “that I could never put on my name and that it was full of defects, because I could hardly drive with him”. “I agreed to return it with the commitment that the entrance money would be returned, but I am still waiting to collect it,” he said.

He reported that he published his case on the social network Facebook, and as a result, many people from Huelva and other Andalusian provinces contacted him about similar cases. “Most of the cases are characterized by the fact that the cars were never transferred to their owners, because they paid credits with financial entities that were processed from Mandi Motor, and the buyers stayed with the vehicle irregularly, because the change of ownership never came, “he explained.

“In other cases there are people who are paying credits they have not acquired or authorized for the purchase of vehicles they have not made,” he added, at the same time regretting that “there are many families very concerned about dealing with these bank loans, because almost all the people affected are of humble origin. “

For its part, Spy Research sources told Europa Press that in this alleged scam “are involved in private purchases, agencies and even well-known official dealers.”

“The owner of the company and the author of the scam resold the same car to four different people, committing up to four frauds in the same operation,” they added. “In another case, four people had a car accident, and since the driver is not the real owner of the vehicle, they have to face the insurance payment,” they said.


In fact, a few days later, in the month of March, officials of the Provincial Police Station of Huelva detained four people, identified one of them, MMB, as alleged mastermind, for an alleged crime of fraud, forgery and misappropriation allegedly committed in a vehicle sales establishment.

Specifically, the investigation covered 28 complaints, 42 vehicles and the amount defrauded amounts to 350,000 euros, as reported by the Government Sub-delegation in a note.

The ‘modus operandi’ was based on the delivery of the vehicles on deposit by individuals or other commercials to the now detained for the exhibition, promotion and sale at his establishment, which were sold to other individuals in good faith to whom he was given provisional documentation with the argument of the delay in the proceedings. Meanwhile, those affected were given excuses not to liquidate the payment from the sale of their vehicle, money that the detainees appropriated.

However, individuals, after the succession of evasions given by the now detained, ended up discovering the situation of their vehicle either by management in the Traffic Headquarters, consultations on the Internet or by the management of fines.

The specialized group of the National Police initiated the investigation after the knowledge that both the establishment and the person in charge of the company had several previous complaints. In addition, the succession of the high number of complaints in a short period of time and the hasty closure of the establishment led to the conclusion that these were premeditated events in order to obtain the largest sum of money before the anticipated closure of the activity.

For the completion of the operation it was necessary to finalize four police reports, with the intervention of four vehicles with the collaboration of different CNP police stations, for the coordination and outcome of the investigation. Therefore, all of the reported vehicles were located in the hands of buyers who still did not have ownership of them and countless inquiries were made to the Civil Guard, Commercial Registry, provincial traffic chiefs and different managers.