With a 13000 euro loan, you can not only finance small wishes, but also buy a new car or adapt the home furnishings to today’s taste and now live even better and enjoy life. This makes it all the more important to not only think about the purchase price for this large purchase, but also the favorable financing. If you do not want to finish the 13,000-euro loan in the dust-covered antique marble palaces of the big banks, you will find much cheaper and just as reliable alternatives for the 13,000-euro loan.

Guaranteed direct payday lenders: $1000 could really help you

Security of Online Credit

The guaranteed direct lender payday loan is just as safe and easy to apply. From the credit comparison, the borrower gets directly into the offer of the bank or the lender. There are only the appropriate forms to fill out. Simply print it out with a passport or ID card either to the local bank branch (for example, the camibank offer9 or the postal service). The Post Office confirms that the borrower was present and the legal requirements for the loan have been met If there is an additional proof of salary and there are no negative credit bureau entries, then the loan amount is already in the account after a few days Bank branch are required to secrecy is this type of borrowing also much more discreet than that in a possibly small local bank branch.

Hard competition delivers monthly rates below 300 euros

Just a few years ago, such a favorable 13,000 euro loan would have been almost unthinkable. The comparison on the Internet alone provides 7 providers with monthly payments up to 300 euros. As a borrower, you have the full choice of both classic banking companies and the smart new providers. The best provider, the camibank, already offers this loan with an interest rate of 4.29%. Incidentally, the loan amount can be freely used, so it is a real consumer credit and not tied to additional collateral. The monthly rate of 294.74 euros is the cheapest in the market. The camibank is not only accessible on the Internet, but also by phone when it comes to questions about closing a loan. As a provider in Germany, it has all necessary licenses and is therefore a serious business partner.

With almost 30 cents(!) Difference in the monthly rate, internetcredit from Bingen land in second place. This is a specialized provider that can make these cheap offers through the use of computers and mathematical procedures. Again, special payments / redemptions or a pause break are easily possible, with which the borrower retains full flexibility over the loan. In third place is credit europe with its Frankfurt office and a monthly rate of 295.36 euros. Again, an instant pledge is possible and the acceptance rate is even higher than the first two providers. With 91% acceptance rate, only every 11th loan request can not be fully met. In view of this scarce result, it is entirely up to you where you should complete the loan!