Everyone wants that of course. Unfortunately, you don’t get much free in life, so you also have to pay money in the form of interest or interest for a loan. If a provider claims that they still provide loans without asking for interest, they will charge other costs, which means that you will also pay money for your loan.

The only way to borrow interest-free money is by taking out a private loan with your parents

private loan

They must also request a market rate of interest, but can then return it free of charge up to a certain amount. That way you can say that you borrow without paying interest. Interest-free loan tax office

Interest-free loan tax office

Interest-free loan tax office

If you need money, but want to pay little or no interest, a private loan from family or friends can offer a solution. The tax authorities oblige lenders of a private loan that they use a market rate. If they do not, the tax authorities see this as a gift and the interest rate difference falls under the gift tax rules.

However, the general gift tax exemption is 2,129 euros and for parents it is 5,320 euros per year. Your parents or friends can therefore return the interest rate that you pay on the private loan to the exemption limit free of charge. Because of this you actually borrow money for free. You can find more tips and an explanation about borrowing money from parents in the article on a private loan from parents.

Borrow Free Money – Compare the providers

Borrow Free Money - Compare the providers

If you cannot borrow on a private loan, it is important to find a loan from a bank or lender that is asking for the lowest possible interest. By comparing all providers well, you can be sure that you do not pay too much for your loan. Not only pay attention to interest rates, but also look carefully at the different conditions that banks and lenders apply. These actually affect the price that you ultimately pay.